The Real Work

I said earlier that leadership is needed now more than ever and really good leadership is elusive, and people often find the topic inaccessible. Leadership requires a good model. That’s the easy part. Pick the model. There are different ones around. Pick a good one, (a good one, used globally is the Leadership Effectiveness Model at MRG).

Then get to work on recognizing that there are some common values but there is no common style. I say find the model and then get to work because next comes the challenging part. That is to gain a deep understanding of the model, deep enough that it comes out your pores. See yourself in the model. Leadership requires a system as a container for all the attributes that get bandied about by people who think descriptors or adjectives will create leadership.

Then, shape it with the knowledge that leadership expression within the model is entirely an individual act. One that is driven by self-awareness, self-expression, deep commitment, passion, compassion for others and at all times poise. Being unphased, in the most reactivating moment, determined, intentional, and exhibiting a full emotional range and depth. Then, a devotion to people and a willingness to take the risk of trying things out, along with a commitment to life-long learning and lots of self-acceptance. An act of courage. Not the proverbial walk in the park.

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