What We Do

Entrepreneurial Engine, A Division of the Fulcrum Group, is an organization dedicated to driving and fueling entrepreneurial success. We are committed to helping business leaders realize their entrepreneurial dream. We help our clients fully realize the freedom of running a business, leading a high performance team, achieving their financial goals and living a rich and fulfilling life.

This system has helped create market leading companies, win employer of choice awards, realize double digit revenue growth, build deeply connected high performing teams, navigate crisis during recession, and prepare companies for successful and profitable acquisition.

It is designed for entrepreneurial organizations, who have outgrown their existing systems and structure and need a new approach to take the company to the next level. These are organizations that are run by leaders who are dedicated to building a high performance corporate culture and are committed to excellence. They are accountable, passionate, decisive and coachable.

Our personalized and unique approach combines first hand entrepreneurial experience and advice from proven business leaders, with the wisdom and expertise from leading management consultants and coaches. We are your partner in the journey of building a thriving business.

Many entrepreneurial organizations have visionary leaders with big aspirations and great ideas. Their dreams, however, can be thwarted by time limitations, an inexperienced management team, too many competing priorities, no clear strategy, business performance issues, insufficient systems to support growth and a lack of financial resources.

At Entrepreneurial Engine, we support our clients to achieve sustainable growth so they can become industry leaders, grow their business, position the company for sale, or build succession to new leadership over time. We help them create a winning corporate culture with values that are a true reflection of the leader.