Michelle Obama’s Leadership

Listening to music tonight – Kamasi Washington – on my exceptional sound system (mostly say that because you can hear music as it’s intended to be heard). Washington was part of the music Michelle Obama chose for her the soundtrack for her movie Becoming….the movie version of her book. Struck by her leadership. The tone, the words, the spontaneous thinking, the value system. Her perfection in easy, heart touching connection with most others.

Her commitment to making a difference. Her extraordinary ability to make her family “normal” in the White House and to raise her children. Her commitment to be as big as Barack and not to be lost in his presence as President of the United States. She matched him, sometimes exceeded him. And Did it most often without fighting him for it. Her love for him. Her beautiful independence.  She stood for herself gracefully with power and humility. Her vision was clear. She knows how she wants the world to be. She builds followership from her grace, timeliness, language mastery and her intention to affect as many people as she can in the most positive of ways. Michelle Obama likes Kamasi Washington. Because of his finely articulated, precise, melodic music. She hears his music in her soul. Like him – uplifting, moving, soul-inspiring.

To your success,

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