Who is EEngine

An award winning solution that specializes in helping individuals and companies reach their fullest potential.

We are entrepreneurs and advisors who develop strong trusted partnerships with our clients in the achievement of sustainable revenue growth, market leadership, high performance teams, profitability, and maximized company value should the organization be positioned for sale.

Our systematic and proven approach creates environments where people in organizations work together with affinity and accountability to achieve extraordinary results. We are vigilant in seeing what is needed in any situation and provide solutions.

We speak truthfully and honestly in all situations.


Bill Stevens
Slavka Kullova Hills
Dr. Joe Goodman
Teresa Easler
Karen Brookman
Chuck Hazelton
Keith Merron
Leah Honiball

Operating Principles and Core Values


We Create Environments that Foster Extraordinary Results

where people in organizations work together with affinity, accountability and extraordinary results.


We Provide Lasting Solutions to Your Most Persistent Challenges

in seeing what’s needed in any situation and providing solutions.


We Overcome Seemingly Impossible Obstacles

to cutting through conditions that limit success.


We are Always Driven by Honesty and Truth Telling

and honestly in all situations.


We Believe Great Leaders Embody Purpose, Self-Discipline and Heart

embody purpose, values, relationships, self discipline and heart.


We Operate from Strength, Honor and Dignity

from strength and honour – focusing on dignity.


We Focus Each Person’s Potential and Possibilities

in granting being to each person’s potential.


We Stand for Depth, Knowledge and Wisdom

deeper understanding, knowledge and wisdom.