Who We Are

An award winning solution that specializes in helping individuals and companies reach their fullest potential.

We are entrepreneurs and advisors who develop strong trusted partnerships with our clients in the achievement of sustainable revenue growth, market leadership, high performance teams, profitability, and maximized company value should the organization be positioned for sale.

Our systematic and proven approach creates environments where people in organizations work together with affinity and accountability to achieve extraordinary results. We are vigilant in seeing what is needed in any situation and provide solutions.


Bill Stevens

Managing Partner – An accomplished business and leadership consultant specializing in the development of individual and company performance for over 20 years. Certified Master Coach, workshop leader, interim executive, board chair and board member, member of advisory boards and University professor in Professional Communication and Business Management.

Bill Stevens
Slavka Kullova Hills

Executive Assistant and Assessment Manager – Slavka has worked with the Entrepreneurial Engine team for over 4 years. As the executive assistant EEngine would not run the same without her. Slavka has improved EEngine’s management systems while also running client assessments for optimal communication and success both within the company and with client relationships.

Slavka Kullova Hills
Dr. Joe Goodman

Executive Consultant – Dr. Joe Goodman broadens the scope of Entrepreneurial Engine’s client services particularly in the field of family businesses. As a therapist, teacher and mentor who has been in the field of psychology and consulting for over 35 years he is able to add depth and meaning to people’s lives and businesses through his enhancement and understanding of human dynamics.

Dr. Joe Goodman
Teresa Easler

Executive Consultant – As our expert presentation coach, Teresa creates original solutions to complex issues for her clients here at Entrepreneurial Engine. She is committed to helping all of her clients achieve their best selves in order to achieve ultimate business success. With a gift for storytelling, Teresa draws in any and every audience that she encounters delivering meaningful value to each individual.

Teresa Easler
Karen Brookman

Executive Consultant – Karen is a valuable client for our company and has great insight into EEngine’s system. Not only has Karen herself greatly benefited from the system, but she’s also been a key asset to EEngine as a whole. She has a special talent for showing other entrepreneurs how to best use the system for ultimate success.

Karen Brookman
Chuck Hazelton

Change Management Consultant – Chuck’s areas of expertise align perfectly with our values here at Entrepreneurial Engine. He is a seasoned Change Management executive, consultant and facilitator, with more than 20 years of experience in leadership development. His expertise in change management has brought unparalleled success to our clients and our team.

Chuck Hazelton
Keith Merron

Leadership Consultant – Keith’s early research on the relationships between human development, managerial effectiveness and high performance plays a profound role in our work here at Entrepreneurial Engine. Having received his doctorate from Harvard University, Keith is an expert in understanding human and organizational development. His expertise in leadership development have brought unparalleled success to our clients and our team.

Keith Merron
Leah Honiball

Product Development and Marketing Manager – Leah has brought new energy and a passion for innovative media, product development and marketing to Entrepreneurial Engine. Her desire to learn, grow and succeed has motivated her to make fresh ideas come to life at EEngine. Leah is currently pursuing a degree in Professional Communication at Ryerson University with a minor in psychology.

Leah Honiball

Operating Principles and Core Values


We Create Environments that Foster Extraordinary Results

where people in organizations work together with affinity, accountability and creativity.


We Provide Lasting Solutions to Your Most Persistent Challenges

in seeing what’s needed in any situation and providing solutions.


We Overcome Seemingly Impossible Obstacles

by cutting through conditions that limit success.


We are Always Driven by Honesty and Truth Telling

no matter what the situation may be.


We Believe Great Leaders Embody Purpose, Values, Relationships, Self-Discipline and Heart

as we aim to foster the growth of individual leaders.


We Operate from Strength, Honor and Dignity

in both our company and the work we do with others.


We Focus On Each Person’s Potential and Possibilities

in granting being to each person’s unique potential.


We Stand for Depth, Knowledge and Wisdom

by constantly striving for a deeper understanding of our clients.