Building Successful Entrepreneurial Companies and Strong Leaders

When I was thinking of some of the topics I want to include in this blog…This happened. More to come on all of these things… Leadership…so necessary and so elusive. Relatedness…without relatedness and connection the human spirit erodes. Fulfillment… requires heart work. Purpose…to increase our capacity to give and receive love. Coaching…works so well when there is a good appetite. Entrepreneurship…for those who are seriously unemployable. Music…connects the soul. Wisdom…is a gift. Humour…one of life’s essentials. Great companies put together so many things in the spirit of science, art and magic. Change…causes upset and doesn’t need to. Transformation… it really doesn’t have to be that way. Communication…has the power to solve anything. Culture…born of values, values adhered to, values departed from. Strategy…requires persistence and disciplined habits. The real challenge is always in the implementation not the conceptualization. Teams…the coherence of community intersecting with the possibility of co-ordinated performance. Teaching…an act of pure contribution when it’s working. Maximizer -taking something good and making it great…What’s underneath most of what I do. Psychometrics…give awareness and opportunity for breakthrough. Sports…teach so much. Lifestyle business…adventure and freedom earned by a serious relationship with courage.

Writing about these topics feels like the beginning of a great adventure.

To your success,

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